Learn How to Cite a Quote Professionally

Citation is as Important as the Quote

It is ordinary to have quotes that ought to be appropriately credited in your essay. Want to know the different styles to apply? Discover more on the citing techniques used here.

Want to know how to cite a quote in an essay? The easiest way to build the credibility of your article is to take advantage of the potential that quotations bring. It essay writing is worth it to sparingly add some quotes in your writing as it gives the desired punch. Since your essay ought to be robust, why not make it stronger by adding some quotations? However, be very careful not to overdo it. Having too many quotations will drown your voice; therefore, refrain from this practice. Nonetheless, quotes are a cool tool to use to add some credibility to your writing. Whenever you are quoting, you must ascertain that it fits within the context of your writing. Any applied quote is supposed to be logical, relevant and should smoothly transition in your essay.

One of the most confusing parts of an essay that possesses quotes comes in the citation. It is integral that you cite all your sources of data, and quotes are https://web.gccaz.edu/~kimld88531/chm130Lab_files/electrolytes.pdf the most important ones. These are words that you have borrowed, in verbatim, from other sources. An absence of citation would tarnish your credibility as an author and probably get you accused of plagiarism. Citing a quote largely relies on the academic writing style that you have been instructed to utilize. It might be MLA, APA, Chicago or any other.

Comprehensive Guide to Citing Quotes in an Essay

Even though the main aim of citing is to keep off plagiarizing other people’s material, it builds on your credibility as a writer. If you get an idea from somewhere, make sure to give the author enough credit. Quotes are even more sensitive as it is pretty clear that they are not your words. So, how should you do it?

  • Short quotations: In every instance where you have a quote, you ought to include the identity of the author, the year and the page number. Any quotation that is within the 40 words threshold ought to have double quotation marks. For example, “in finance, only fifteen percent of women hold executive positions” (James, 1997, p.56).
  • Block quotes: In this case, you are not going to utilize quotation marks. You’ll have to begin the quotation on a new line that is indented from the margin. This is only the case for quotes that have more than forty words. The citation comes after the closing punctuation mark. For example:

James’ 1998 study discovered the following:

Wilkin challenges Christian readers to seek God’s will by doing more than merely praying in this heartening yet perfunctory book. (p.159)

  • Indirect quotes: There are times when the book you are reading has quotes from another author. Although it is prudent to locate the source and quote accurately, sometimes it isn’t possible. Therefore, you can utilize indirect quotes. For instance, Quotes from Peter (2006): John (1998) states, “..”

Every time you utilize quotations in your essay, ascertain that you abide by the expected standards. It is always best to ask yourself if your audience comprehends the relevance of your quotation and if it has been appropriately cited.